As one of the leading practices of immigration law, our team of immigration solicitors and barristers offer specialised advice to clients across the UK and overseas concerning all aspects of immigration law.

We understand that many clients requiring advice on immigration, nationality and asylum issues are facing personal pressures; we will provide a supportive and accessible service. We will offer practical help and solutions to the problems that you clients are facing.

Providing a high quality service, ensuring that every case is given proper consideration, meticulously prepared and all deadlines are met.

Why instruct our immigration lawyers & barristers?

You should instruct us…

  • Because you’ll save MONEY. Understanding the process and submitting the right documentation from the start always costs less than hiring a lawyer to fix poorly-prepared application/submissions.
  • Because you’ll save TIME. Some minor mistakes or omissions cause months of delay; others, can cause a rejection of your application and you may end up with limited or no right to appeal.
  • Because you are guaranteed the BEST STRATEGY. UK immigration law and regulations change regularly. Only a specialist Immigration Solicitor can advise on the best course of action.
  • Because you’ll avoid STRESS and remain CALM and RELAXED. Opportunities are lost time and time again because of inadequate advice or submissions. Penalties for failure to comply with the immigration rules have increased with time. We will ensure that this does not happen to you!<
  • Because we’ll THINK AHEAD. Our team of experts utilise the wealth of knowledge and experience to think ahead to identify the best solutions to your problem ensuring we advance the best possible arguments for each individual case, which is particularly important for those with complex immigration/asylum histories.

The Home Office and British High Commission can often make erroneous or unfair decisions and the process of appealing can seem long and frustrating where there is a right of appeal, in other cases the right of appeal may be limited to a review. Due to our extensive experience in the field, we can help overturn these decisions before the Tribunal or Court.

Your case will be dealt with by our expert lawyers who specialise in immigration, asylum and nationality law. Our team of specialist solicitors are supervised by accredited Level 2- Supervisors who are also qualified Solicitors with many years of experience in the field.  Our immigration team has developed a well-deserved reputation for their expertise and for their commitment to our clients. We have represented clients at all levels from initial submissions/applications all the way up to the Court of Appeal.  We have excellent success rate with applications and appeals.  We also offer same day application service and advise you whether your application is suitable for the service.

If you have an immigration problem you may be facing a strict time-limit. We will deal with your case quickly and efficiently.

We give client care a high priority and are committed to providing the highest quality legal advice and representation service at competitive prices.

What types of applications we can help you with?

We can help with all types of immigration work including:

  • Administrative Removal
  • Appeals in the Immigration Tribunals and Higher Courts
  • Applications for family members and dependents and visitor applications
  • Applications for indefinite leave to remain/British nationality
  • Applications for leave to remain on medical grounds
  • Applications for people who are in the country illegally
  • Applications that are made outside of the Immigration Rules
  • Applications to the Home Office and British posts abroad
  • Applications under European Union Legislation
  • Applications under the new Points Based System – this covers the now redundant Work
  • Assistance with all types of forms and attesting
  • Asylum applications
  • Bail applications and hearings
  • Deportation
  • Detention
  • Human Rights based applications
  • Marriage applications, civil partnership applications, unmarried and same sex partner applications,
  • Permits and Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
  • Student applications at all levels
How much it will cost you?

We offer a free initial consultation with our experienced immigration solicitors.  You may be entitled to FUNDED legal advice and representation service in your asylum or immigration matte, if you qualify for LEGAL AID.  We are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency and can check whether you qualify for free assistance.

In privately funded cases we can offer fixed fees for many types of cases and a competitive hourly rate in all other cases.   We can also provide legal advice in Bengali, French, Hindi, Mirpuri, Punjabi, Spanish and Urdu,

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