International Services

In the area of international law, we have worked for UNODC in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.  In Turkey, we have worked for TADOC (Turkish Academy against Drugs and Organised Crime).

The consultancies have focused on the management, development and enhancement of operational and strategic intelligence; countering organized and serious international crime especially those activities concerned with the trafficking of narcotics, people and weapons; anti-terrorism and human rights.

This experience included making objective assessments of existing capacity, systems and training needs; publishing findings, providing advice and working in partnership to implement MOUs, systems, procedures and other initiatives designed to enhance multi-agency and multi-national law enforcement capacity and capability.

Our focus has been on capacity building of these agencies and community groups, disseminating best practice and developing training and information manuals for mandated agencies to implement, thus developing effective working relations with senior officers and representatives of foreign governments, law enforcement agencies and international NGOs, and community based advocates.

We have operated in high threat level areas including the Balkans, in border regions between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.  We operate with respect to local cultures and traditions.  We are always mindful of local, national and international diplomacy issues.  Our performance and planning takes account of local logistical issues which may arise.

Project management & consultancies

Amelius Solicitors will provide expert legal and technical services to humanitarian organizations, government, non-governmental organizations and corporates that enables public and private sectors to focus on their core business.  This will include field analysis, research and reporting.  Policy, procedure and strategy review, training and development, and monitoring and evaluation.

Purchase and sale of land and property

We offer a complete buying and disposal service of land and property in areas and developments in Islamabad, Pakistan and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Please get in touch to find out more about the newest developments.

Invest and release assets securely and with confidence.


To the UK and Europe with a focus on Tier 1 business, professional, student and tourist visas and support packages.

Immigration - Personal
Immigration - Business

Family and child matters

Specialist advise and cross border legal assistance on matters involving family and children, including divorce, custody and other related issues.

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