Business Services

Amelius Solicitors provide a cost effective means to resolve legal issues.

We have a number of on-going contracts with businesses for the provision of legal services as required, including (optional) Human Resource/ employment service.

We will tailor the service to your preferred method of communication, solicitor in person, telephone or email to your designated solicitor, ensuring continuity of service and dealing with someone who will over time build knowledge of your business.

We understand businesses and our areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Tax
  • Employment issues
  • Structure/ ownership
  • Trading issues
    • the quality of purchased goods, late/non-payment for sold goods and late delivery of purchased goods
  • Business premises
    • maintenance by landlords, terms of leases and rent arrears
  • Debt
  • Intellectual property
  • Regulation

Talk to us today about minimising the impact of legal problems on your business. Whether you require support to deal with a specific problem or want to establish round the clock support. Amelius Solicitors are part of your resolution strategy for different types of problems.

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